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About Tahir Mahmood

Welcome to Tahir Mahmood Designs, where creativity takes shape and design becomes art. I’m Tahir Mahmood, a Toronto-based designer with a passion for diverse creative arts and design.
My journey in the world of design began over 30 years ago, and it has been a transformative experience that has shaped me as a person, designer, and maker. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with craftsmen from different corners of the world, as well as collaborating with local artisans here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These experiences have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the value of handmade craftsmanship and the unique skills we possess as humans.
Inspired by the contrasting styles of the 1920s German Bauhaus movement and the grandeur of 16th-century Mughal architecture from my Indian heritage, I have developed a design philosophy that merges the clean lines of modernism with the ornate beauty of the past. This juxtaposition of influences gives birth to remarkably unique post-modern designs that are brought to life with a vibrant and captivating palette.
In 2009, I took a leap of faith and delved into product design, showcasing my creations at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canada. It was a turning point in my career, as it allowed me to fully explore my passion and share my designs with the world. The recognition came in 2010 when I was honored with the prestigious Design Exchange Award for my innovative mortar and pestle design. This recognition not only validated my artistic vision but also fueled my drive to continue designing a diverse range of products.
On this website, you will find a curated selection of my recent designs, available for purchase and ready to bring a touch of artistry to your living spaces. From ceramic bird feeders to meticulously crafted mortar and pestles, wall hooks to end tables, and captivating table lamps, each piece represents a fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
But my journey doesn’t end here. I am constantly exploring new avenues of creativity, and I have exciting projects in the pipeline. By joining my mailing list, you will be the first to know about my upcoming releases and have the opportunity to acquire the latest additions to my portfolio.
If you have a specific vision in mind or any inquiries, I am here to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. Simply reach out to me through the contact form, and I will ensure that your unique requirements are met with the utmost care and attention.
Welcome to Tahir Mahmood Designs, where artistry meets design to create extraordinary experiences. Let us embark on this creative journey together and transform your surroundings with meticulously crafted pieces that reflect the essence of who you are.
I look forward to connecting with you and exploring the boundless possibilities of design.

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