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UMDA Over the Door Hooks [Guava wood]

UMDA Over the Door Hooks [Guava wood]

Modern twist on the traditional design, Ideal for creating extra hanging space anywhere in the home.

Lacquered wood Technique
Turned wood ornamented with coloured lacquer. Very little painting on wood is now done, and the lacquer surface obtained by pressing what is virtually a stick of coloured sealing-wax on an object revolving in the lathe is a harder and more solid covering then any paint. The heat developed by friction melts the lacquer. Further friction with the dry stem of a palm-leaf, held endwise, and a final application of an oiled rag of muslin, polish a coat of colour which resist dust, the great heat of the hot weather, and the damp of the rains. But there are many refinements in this most simple art.



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